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Providing Adaptive Leadership

In addition to promoting the emotional health of the congregation, leaders must provide and promote adaptive leadership. They must be able to anticipate direction and prepare members for the transformations that will be required for the cha...

Current Musings

Dr. Keith Walker is Professor of Educational Administration and Leadership at the University of Saskatchewan where, with colleagues, he is launching a new professional doctoral in educational leadership:

In ou...

Current Musings

Collaboration seems to be emerging as one of several current buzz words/concepts that is gaining currency. I am seeing this more and more within the ecclesiological arena as much, if not even more than in the corporate world. There appear to be some enco...

Current Musings

Do smaller congregations and larger parishes have anything in common in respect to taking care of one another, having a sense of belonging, or sense of community for its members? Or is there a difference in caring and belonging based on congregational si...

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