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I don’t know about you but sometimes I forget why I got into this in the first place. Sometimes I find I can lose my way and get focused on the wrong things. Sometimes it just seems like we are busy being busy and have forgotten the business we’re actually in!

Ever felt...

Congregations undoubtedly do amazing work.  We have health services, food banks, children’s programming, leadership development, summer camps, long term care facilities, and programming to support every subsector of society with almost any challenge (not to mention sup...

I sat at the table in Starbucks across from Tara.  From the start, I knew I was not in a welcoming conversation when she refused to order anything though she had chosen the venue.  So I dutifully got myself a coffee to legitimize our occupation of a space in this citad...

Jim Collins writes that it’s not just good leadership that moves organizations or communities toward excellence, but “Level Five leadership creates the shift.” According to Collins, the two primary attributes “Level Five” leaders possess are professional will, and pers...

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