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Our Flourishing Congregations Institute research team—based at Ambrose University in Calgary, Alberta—spent April to June 2016 interviewing and facilitating focus groups with over 100 Catholic, mainline Protestant, and conservative Protestant leaders in Vancouver, Calg...

Whatever you may think of evolution and its place in a Christian understanding of creation, the science is clear that DNA does evolve and change.  Humans, plants and animals make adaptations over time.  Interestingly, we are now becoming more aware of how DNA can be ch...

Congregations undoubtedly do amazing work.  We have health services, food banks, children’s programming, leadership development, summer camps, long term care facilities, and programming to support every subsector of society with almost any challenge (not to mention sup...

Are pews and steeples necessary for God’s people?

In 2014, I was fortunate to be able to attend the Greenbelt festival in Cheltenham England as part of a delegation of people under thirty five from the United Church of Canada.  While I’ve since passed that young-ish thr...

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