Understanding Clergy resilience in Canada

Understanding Clergy Resilience is a research study through the University of Saskatchewan that seeks to explore the nature of Christian clergy resilience in Canada.


Through our findings this project aims to support data informed clergy resilience development through post secondary training, ongoing professional development and individual care. Resilience is the ability to positively adapt to adversity or stress. Understanding clergy resilience is important to clergy and those who support them. It is a documented concern for the profession that clergy are at risk of experiencing the negative impacts of role-related stress and adversity, especially burnout.

This survey seeks to collect information from clergy across Canada to understand the current nature of their resilience and wellness. The survey will take participants approximately 25 minutes to complete. Survey responses are confidential and all findings will be presented in an anonymous fashion.

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Clergy are at risk of experiencing the negative impacts of role-related stress and adversity, especially burnout. Burnout is a significant concern for the clergy profession, those they serve, and their families as it lowers the sense of personal accomplishment in their role, negatively impacting the quality of family life and family relationships, and decreases ministry effectiveness.


Unfortunately, there is limited literature on the current nature of clergy resilience, the specific variables that enable clergy to positively adapt to adversity, and the aspects of preservice training and professional development that best foster clergy resilience.


Through this survey we seek to collect information to better understand the current nature of clergy resilience and wellness in Canada. Knowledge of the nature of clergy resilience may provide valuable
insights for the development of clergy resilience through post-secondary preparation of clergy,
ongoing professional development, and individual care.

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