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Watch this one-minute video to learn more about why to partner financially with the Flourishing Congregations Institute. Your support will help to ensure that more Canadian data, theological reflection, and practical application arises on the Canadian Church for the Canadian Church.



Digital Media and Video Personnel - $65,000
Yields needed content curation, production, and distribution for web, video, and social media.
Research and Program Coordinator - $30,000
Provides administrative support to all Institute activities.
Course Release for Institute Director - $12,500
Affords time to offer enhanced Institute leadership, including data collection, analysis, and dissemination with and for Canadian church leaders.
Travel and Hosting Church Leaders - $12,500
Supports Partnership Council (church, denominational, and parachurch leaders that span theological traditions and Canadian regions) to advise on Institute development and activities.
Online Content Curation - $5,000
Modest honorarium for content creators in anticipated weekly video series.
General Marketing and Promotion - $5,000
Materials for in-person events (e.g., banners, brochures).



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