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Preliminary Findings: Phase 1 Research

On Saturday, November 26, 2016 the Flourishing Congregations Institute at Ambrose University formally launched. We were joined by approximately 100 people from seven Canadian provinces, plus 50 others via our live stream online.

During this event we shared some of our preliminary findings from phase one interviews and focus groups in five Canadian regions. We are delighted to make those resources widely available via our website under the Resources tab (click here). There you will find video footage, powerpoint presentations, and full manuscripts connected to three plenary sessions:

  • "Setting the Stage: Religious and Cultural Landscape in Canada"

  • We discuss some of the perceived religious and cultural distinctives in Canada that impact local congregations, based on our phase one research and existing literature on the topic.

  • "Flourishing Congregations in Canada: Preliminary Observations"

  • We discuss the key variables to emerge thus far in our phase one research for conceptualizing "flourishing congregations" in Canada.

  • "Conversation with Dr. Reginald Bibby and Dr. Sam Reimer"

  • We hear from two leading sociologists of religion in Canada who provide some reflections and insights based on our preliminary findings from phase one research.

We encourage you to make use of these resources, to widely share them with those in your sphere of influence, and to help us in building momentum for the Flourishing Congregations Institute by signing up for regular updates via our website, following us on Twitter, and liking us on Facebook.

Do you have questions or suggestions for us? Feel free to email us - we are eager to build and establish ongoing conversations related to congregations in Canada.

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