“Can You Imagine A Church Where….”

I don’t know about you but sometimes I forget why I got into this in the first place. Sometimes I find I can lose my way and get focused on the wrong things. Sometimes it just seems like we are busy being busy and have forgotten the business we’re actually in!

Ever felt that way?!

Fortunately there are other times too though…

Times where I can imagine and see a different reality, a church that is growing people into mature followers of Jesus and truly experiencing the power of God’s transforming powers.

Can you imagine that?

Can you imagine a church that is alive with people who pray every day?

Can you imagine all kinds of people, coming to church on a Sunday morning so excited to worship God that you can just feel the energy rise as they enter?

Can you imagine a church where people love each other and share their life together in real and authentic ways?

Can you imagine a church where people love to serve and are growing in their relationship with Jesus as they use the gifts God has given them?

Can you imagine a church filled with people who love to give generously so much so that the offering plates overflow each week?

Can you imagine a church where people are so in awe of God and what God is doing in their own lives that they can't help but share their faith and invite their friends?

Can you imagine a church like this?

As we imagined a church like this we started to think about a way to help people grow in the way of Jesus. As we began to imagine a church like this we knew we needed to get even more intentional about discipleship and clarifying what it looked like to follow Jesus.

After a lot of prayer and conversation our worship team came up with the following “targets”:

  • Spiritual Practices (spending time with God each day)

  • Worshipping Together Weekly

  • Authentic Community

  • Serving

  • Giving Generously

  • Sharing Christ

We called it “Bullseye: Aiming to Follow Jesus” (can purchase Jamie's book via this link).

These targets have offered our church something to aim for, a life where we are certainly a work in progress, but at least have some clarity on what this Christian life might look like.

And we have discovered that as people commit to living this way and practicing these six markers somehow God is up to something good.

It’s good to have a target!

Which one of the six targets above has helped you grow in your relationship with God? Which has been the most challenging? What about for your church?

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