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Are you experiencing seismic shifts within and around your Church? Are you seeing new ideas, energy, and connections emerge unexpectedly? Do you have an inkling that new behaviours are required of church leaders and members? Do you have a feeling of possibility as former things end and new things emerge?

Our Flourishing Congregations Institute team has partnered with New Scoop YYC to offer four free online events to address some of these and other questions.

On Monday, October 30, Dr. Joel Thiessen addressed the topic "Faith Communities with Nothing to Lose!" The recording from this gathering is forthcoming.

We have three upcoming events, including next Wednesday, November 29 at 12pm MST, with Dr. Bill McAlpine on "Church Buildings Speak: What is Your Building Saying?" We encourage you to register for this event, spread the word to those in your sphere to also register, and check out this link for information for two additional gatherings later in this series: "Seven Deadly Narratives of Congregational Leaders" with Dr. Keith Walker on February 5 (12pm MST), and "Discipleship: Who are the Curious, Comfortable, and Committed Among Us?" with Dr. Arch Wong on May 7 (12pm MST).

As we embark on a regular and enhanced communications platform with church leaders especially, are you following us on Twitter or Facebook? Are there others who you think should plug into our growing community, who should subscribe for updates?

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