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National Gathering Invitation – November 26, 2018

The Flourishing Congregations Institute is committed to several things. For example (among others):

  • Empirical Data. We believe gathering and sharing data on various facets of Canadian congregations is a distinct contribution that we can make to the local church, such that churches can make data-informed decisions.

  • Ecumenism. Without preference for any single tradition, our Institute studies congregational/parish life across the theological spectrum, and brings members of different Christian traditions together to learn from and dialogue with one another.

  • Practitioner-Focus. We are dedicated to leveraging rigorous data collection and analysis toward insights, tools, and resources that would benefit local church leaders across theological traditions.

  • Expanded Flourishing. We maintain that as congregations flourish – and hopefully other congregations take steps in flourishing directions as a result of the research to emerge from our Institute – individuals and neighborhoods also flourish. Expressed differently, we want to be helpful partners and catalysts for congregations to fulfill their ministry, however broadly defined.

As our work at the Institute begins to gain momentum, a critical component that we want to provide and build into our rhythm – and hopefully yours – is an annual (and free!) gathering of church leaders from across Canada and theological tribes. Our aims are to provide fresh research findings and analysis from our work at the Institute, to feature practitioner voices from different theological and regional spaces in Canada, to foster an environment for you to learn and network with others, and ultimately to practically equip and encourage practitioners in day-to-day ministry.

Monday, November 26, 2018 (9am-4pm) marks our first such event, hosted at Ambrose University in Calgary, Alberta. In the future we hope to move this event around the country.

This year’s event – Shared Stories: Promising Practices in Canadian Congregations – will include preliminary findings from our recent national survey of Canadian congregations, panel conversations with leaders from flourishing congregations/parishes, and stimulating sessions facilitated by Archbishop Don Bolen (“Being Well, Doing Good – Together”) and April Yamasaki (“Congregations and Change: Inward, Outward, Godward”).

For more details about this event, and to register, click here. 250 spaces available!

Invest time to join us for the day, and spread the word to others in your sphere to also join us.

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