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Flourishing Update - February 8, 2023

The Value of Core Values to Guide the Life of A Community

Rev. Luke Knight

Associate Pastor, Living Waters Church, Fort Langley, BC

Check out this short 5 minute video as part of our February weekly video series on Culture Building.


Recommend Resource

God Doesn't Live Here Anymore: Decline and Resilience in the Canadian Church

by Michael Wood Daly

The church in Canada is in trouble. Media reports suggest that nine thousand churches are likely to close over the next ten years. God Doesn't Live Here Anymore traces the story of the church in Canada from its far off historical roots in biblical times, rise to dominance in medieval Europe, role in the colonization of Canada, strained relations with Canada's First Nations, twentieth-century prominence, and the church's dramatic decline and loss of influence entering the twenty-first century. Wood Daly pulls no punches in calling the church to accept responsibility for its own decline, while maintaining hope that resurrection is still possible. The church, as Canadians may know it, might disappear, but for Christians death has never been the end of the story.


Upcoming Events

Transformational Coaching

(A NEW LEAF event)

Wednesdays from Feb 8- Apr 5, 2023

1pm - 3pm Eastern (online)

Join for weekly online training sessions, and expect to invest an average of an additional 3 hours per week in developing this skill. This breaks down as approximately 1.5 hours completing the required readings, and 1.5 hours engaging with your peer coaching partner via Zoom or video chat.


Out of the Embers: Faith After the Great Deconstruction Book Club

Thursday February 9, 16, 23, & March 2, 2023

1:30pm ET OR 7:30pm ET - online

These days, it feels like the word “deconstruction” is everywhere. Perhaps you’ve seen it labelled online as being “trendy”. Maybe you’ve heard that it’s a dangerous and slippery slope that results in losing belief in God. Or maybe you’re not really sure what the term means at all. Many sincere Jesus followers who’ve entered a time of critically analyzing their faith have found it to be a liberating experience, one that helped remove the barriers to following Jesus, leading to a more meaningful, fulfilling, and positive faith.

In "Out of the Embers," Brad delves into the topic of deconstruction, examining the ways in which our understanding of Christianity can be transformed and renewed through a process of questioning and dismantling our preconceptions, letting go of false or limiting beliefs, and encountering God in a new and transformative way.


Forming the Next Generation: Restoring Families to Their Missionary Identity

(A Divine Renovation event)

Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2023

1 PM Eastern | Noon Central | 10 AM Pacific Strong Catholic families are needed in our parishes and society more than ever. As Saint John Paul II once said, “the future of humanity passes by way of the family”. But the reality is, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to pass on the Faith to the next generation in a secularized world.


IGNITE: Cultivating United Prayer Across Canada

Ottawa -- Apr 14; Calgary -- Apr 20; Kelowna -- Apr 28; Regina -- May 5

Now is the time to pray for the healing of our country. Join our hosts for inspiration and training on how to cultivate a strong culture of prayer in your church, culminating in a public evening event seeking God's holy face in prayer and worship with humility and wonder.


Property Strategy Course for Church Board Members

(A Trinity Centres Foundation event) Dates TBA This TCF online course is a series of toolkits, aimed at supporting church board members. TFC's hope is to educate faith communities across Canada as they leverage strategic partnerships and government programs required to build the financial sustainability of their properties. In repositioning these properties towards the many charities who need space, new structures will also allow faith communities to remain in their communities and see new seasons of growth.


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