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Flourishing Update - November 16, 2022

Growing in Mystical, Contemplative Prayer

Fr. Troy Nguyen Associate Pastor, St. Luke’s Catholic Church, Calgary, AB

Check out this short 5 minute video as part of our November weekly video series on spiritual formation and discipleship. This series features scholars and practitioners from across theological traditions and Canadian regions, sharing Canadian research, theological reflection, and practical application.


Recommend Resources

Spiritual Theology By Jordan Aumann, O.P.

The first part of Prof Jordan Aumann's magisterial Spiritual Theology is concerned with the theological principles of Christian holiness, while the second and major part derives from those principles' practical directives for the individual Christian's 'growth in holiness'. Based firmly on the work of three classical masters - St Thomas Aquinas, St John of the Cross, and St Teresa of Avila - this text has already proved of great benefit to contemporary students and general readers seeking to inform and develop their own spiritual lives.

St Teresa of Avila's Nine Grades of Prayer

Matthew Leonard

Let St. Teresa of Avila draw you into the inferno of Christ's love through deeper prayer.

Upcoming Events

Lament and Hope: The Vital Role of Creation Care in 21st Century Discipleship

Thursdays: November 10 - December 1, 2022 1:30 - 3pm Eastern

Newspaper headlines regularly report the disturbing realities of climate change and biodiversity loss - the ecological crises of our time. But how are Christ followers to respond? How is the care of creation related to discipleship? And what does the church have to contribute in the face of ecological degradation and the anxiety it generates amongst our parishioners and our neighbours? Join us as we explore this overlooked cornerstone and opportunity for Christian mission in Canada.


None of the Above: Nonreligious Identity in the U.S. and Canada

Thursday, November 17th, 2022 7:30pm Eastern, Waterloo, ON (in-person or online)

Nearly one-third of American and Canadian adults say they have no religion. Who are these individuals? Why and where has this population grown? How do religious “nones” in the United States and Canada compare? What are the dynamics of being a religious none in contemporary America and Canada? How does this willful distance from organized religion impact other aspects of daily and social life? To answer these questions, our lecturers will highlight aspects of their study which turns to high-quality survey and interview data positioned against the backdrop of three theoretical frameworks in the field of sociology of religion: stages of decline, individualization and spiritualization, as well as polarization.


Becoming a Church of Closeness: The Challenges and Opportunities of Synodality

Friday, November 18th, 2022 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern

Catholics around the world want to respond to Pope Francis’ vision of becoming a “Church of closeness”, but many are left wondering what it means to live out synodality practically in the parish. Join Father James Mallon and Sister Natalie Becquart in a conversation where they explore what it means to live synodality at a parish level.


"My Parish isn't Missional!": How To Lead When You Are Not in Charge Thursday, December 8, 2022 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern

“But what if my parish isn’t missional?” This is the cry of many laypeople who long to see their parish come alive. When the parish priest isn’t actively leading change, fruits can be limited and parishioners can even feel helpless. But it doesn’t always have to be that way! Join a conversation exploring the ways you can influence, lead, pray, and serve fruitfully in a parish that is not yet oriented to mission.


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