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Flourishing Update - October 19, 2022

A Path to Resilience

Barb Stanley (Major)

The Salvation Army

Check out this short 5 minute video as part of our October weekly video series on clergy well-being and resilience. This series features scholars and practitioners from across theological traditions and Canadian regions, sharing Canadian research, theological reflection, and practical application.


Recommend Resources

Healing the Purpose of Your Life Dennis Linn, Sheila Fabricant Linn, and Matthew Linn

What makes you special? In this intriguing book, the best-selling Linns help readers discover what makes each of us special, the one purpose of each individual's life underlying all decisions and activities, the "sealed orders" from God that go beyond what we do, to who we really are. This special purpose of being is ours alone; it is what gives our life meaning.

Combining spirituality, psychology, and medicine, as well as their own intimate stories, the Linns provide concrete ways to help readers discover their own purpose through their experiences of love, their life circumstances, their inherent faults, other people, and nature.


Upcoming Events

Resourcing churches for ministering well in this next season

Saturday, November 5, 2022, 9am-12noon MST

Join church leaders across theological contexts and Canadian regions at Ambrose University or online for Canadian data, theological reflection, and practical application on various themes.


Wayfinding – A Discernment Pathway

Oct 18, 2022 – Nov 15, 2022

Through curated experiences and tools, the goal is to equip leaders with the knowledge and practices to make space, slow down, and hear what God is saying. Each of our Wayfinding cohorts will have pastors, church planters, and missional leaders from denominations across Canada which will offer a diverse array of perspectives, experience and wisdom.


Calling All Canadian Church Leaders!

February 2-3, 2023, Calgary, AB

Church Leaders from across Canada are gathering together to experience a spiritual refreshing and to gain practical tools so we can lead the church of tomorrow, together!


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