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Flourishing Update - September 30, 2022

Volunteerism: What does it look like in this new era?

Robb Warren, Executive Director, Global Leadership Network Canada &

Rhonda Courteau, Location Pastor - Orleans, LIFECENTRE Ottawa, ON

This year Flourishing Congregations Institute will be sharing research and practices around flourishing congregations in Canada from a ministry practitioner or a researcher through videos. The intention is to feature content from people across theological traditions and Canadian regions. This month we are focusing on volunteerism and equipping the saints. In October we will look at clergy well-being and resiliency.


Recommend Resource

Finding Our Way: Reclaiming the First-Century Church in the Twenty-First Century

Alan Hirsch

What if the way the Church is "doing church" is the very reason the world is seeing less of Jesus in it every day? Beginning with the biblical basics, Jeff Lockyer walks readers through the underlying theology and practical application of how Southridge Community Church has approached ministry for nearly a quarter century. While providing a fresh approach to ministry, the book stimulates how to think, not what to think. It's written by a local church practitioner for local church practitioners.


Upcoming Events

Resourcing churches for ministering well in this next season

Saturday, November 5, 2022, 9am-12noon MST

Join church leaders across theological contexts and Canadian regions at Ambrose University or online for Canadian data, theological reflection, and practical application on various themes.


Wayfinding – A Discernment Pathway

Oct 18, 2022 – Nov 15, 2022

Through curated experiences and tools, the goal is to equip leaders with the knowledge and practices to make space, slow down, and hear what God is saying. Each of our Wayfinding cohorts will have pastors, church planters, and missional leaders from denominations across Canada which will offer a diverse array of perspectives, experience and wisdom.


Transformational Coaching from New Leaf

Fall 2022 Session

Weekly from September 28 – November 22, 2022

1-3:00 pm Eastern (online)


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