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Research Study Invitation on Pastor/Pastor Spouse Wellbeing

You are invited to participate in a new research study on pastor and pastor spouse wellbeing, entitled Meeting Adversity with Resilience: Understanding the Impact of Adverse Ministry Experiences. This study is being conducted by Dr. Margaret Clarke and Dr. Marcus Tanner of the Clergy Research Group with the goal of increased understanding of the impact of adverse ministry experiences on clergy and their spouses and their path of recovery.


The online survey takes approximately 10 min to complete, is open to any Canadian or US clergy or clergy spouses, and is open until May 31, 2024.


What is a flourishing congregation?

From interviews with congregation and denomination leaders across Catholic, mainline, and conservative Protestant settings between Vancouver and Halifax, here are a series of variables that stand out to us – things leaders tell us contribute to, are evidence of, or are aspirations of what they associate with a flourishing congregation. A more detailed article summarizing these findings can be found here.


As our research progresses, especially when we survey and talk with congregants, our conception of what constitutes a flourishing congregation may evolve as well.

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Flourishing Congregations construct

The Stories We Tell

Hear from researchers from across Canada as they share some of their case study findings on Canadian churches

Intergenerational Faith Transmission in the Flourishing Congregation

Dr. Mark Chapman

Tyndale University

Caring about Assumption Cares: A Profile of a Parish-Based Community Outreach Progra

Dr. Bernardine Ketelaars, M.Div., D.Min.

St. Peter's Seminary

How to Flourish in a Secular and a Post-Christian Society: The Case of Two Evangelical Churches in Quebec

Dr. Frédéric Dejean 

Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

Stories of Spiritual Formation at St. Barnabas Anglican Church

Rev. Dr. Arch Wong, DMin, PhD 

Ambrose University

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