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Check out recent research on congregations, including how Covid-19 is impacting churches, along with publications from our Institute-led studies on Canadian congregations.

Covid-19 & Congregations Research

Worship in a Time of Pandemic: A Survey of Congregational Worship Practices 

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Impact of COVID-19

on Canadian Christian Charities

Impact On The Volunteer
And Donor Activity
Of Religious Canadians

Americans Oppose Religious Exemptions From Coronavirus-Related Restrictions

One in Three Practicing Christians Has Stopped Attending Church During COVID-19

    Flourishing Congregations Institute Publications

Signs of Life: Re-thinking Canadian Congregational Life

Bill McAlpine, Joel Thiessen, Keith Walker, Arch C.K. Wong  

What is a Flourishing Congregation? Leader Perceptions, Definitions, and Experiences

Joel Thiessen, Arch Wong, Bill McAlpine and Keith Walker

Are you listening? The relevance of what pastoral/denominational leaders and theological educators are saying about preparing leaders for ministry

Arch Wong, Bill McAlpine, Joel Thiessen, and Keith Walker

A Preliminary Look at Flourishing Congregations in Canada: What Church Leaders are Saying

Joel Thiessen, Arch Wong, Bill McAlpine, and Keith Walker


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