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National Congregational Survey

As some on our research team have been away on vacation - hence the lack of blogs or other updates over the past month or so - and as many other prepare for rest and relaxation this summer, three brief updates heading into the summer months.

National Congregational Survey - Our team is actively working to create the framework for a national congregational survey. Our intent is for this survey to go 'live' in early 2018, with the goal of surveying over 3000 Catholic, mainline Protestant, and conservative Protestant paid church leaders, board members, ministry leaders, and attenders across Canada. Stay tuned for more information on this survey in Fall 2017, including ways that you, your congregations, and those in your sphere of influence might participate.

Weekly Blogs - Our team is in the process of amassing a series of blogs on various topics related to congregational life in Canada. We are taking a hiatus from posting these during the summer months, but will resume doing so in September. Our social media presence will also remain fairly quiet during these summer months - as we take some time off and focus our energy on the national congregational survey - though again we will 're-boot' in September.

Recent Activities - For a more comprehensive update of our activities of late and upcoming plans, check out the latest news story on the Ambrose University website.

On behalf of our research team, may you enjoy a restful and relaxing summer. Thanks for your interest and support of the Flourishing Congregations Institute.

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