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5 reasons to get involved

This survey is reasonably priced– churches typically spend thousands of dollars for a survey like this.


Any church can be involved – Canadian churches of any size, location, and theological tradition, whether you see your congregation as flourishing or not.


Receive your free church-specific report – a helpful catalyst for new or continued flourishing. We are hoping for 50% or more of your adult leaders and attenders to take roughly 20 minutes to complete the online survey. Click here for a sample report.


Access special reports on topics like discipleship, evangelism, Catholic parishes, among other topics, with sufficient survey responses.


Data-informed tools and resources – contribute to making the best and right resources available to Canadian churches, based on Canadian data.

How do we promote this survey in our congregation or parish?​​


We hope for 50% or more of your adult attenders to fill out the survey. With strong survey involvement from those in your congregation/parish, we will provide uniquely helpful information about your own church/parish that you can use as you seek to flourish and faithfully minister in your particular context.

Click on the links below for a range of downloadable resources that you can use to promote the survey in your congregation/parish:

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Promote the survey on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media streams.


Video message.png


Show a powerpoint slide during your church gathering.




Give a verbal announcement during your worship service, small group, or another corporate church gathering.


Web page.png


Share our resources on your church website.





Print and display a poster for your bulletin board.




Host a survey party (when it's safe) following your worship service, where congregants fill out the survey together on their electronic devices.

Video production.png


Show our video promotion in your worship service or small group. Share on social media.


E mail.png


Email your congregation or parish members.




Print and distribute a bulletin insert or include announcement in your church bulletin.


Have questions or want to join the survey?

Contact our Research & Program Coordinator, Angie Coutts, at or 403-410-2000 ext.2987.

Canadian Church Leaders

Endorsing this Research

The work of Flourishing Congregations Institute will contribute to a better understanding of the milieu that we find ourselves in as Christians in Canada, called to evangelize the culture. The research that they will conduct will provide meaningful data that may help Christian denominations not only in their own pastoral planning but also in bridging the gap between denominations through greater exchange of shared experiences in facing together the emerging realities in the Canadian pastoral landscape.

(For Bishop Crosby’s full letter of endorsement click here)

Most Reverend Douglas Crosby | Bishop of Hamilton

What is the Flourishing Congregations Institute?

The Flourishing Congregations Institute is embedded at Ambrose University in Calgary, Alberta. Our mission is to bring together academics and practitioners to research the factors surrounding flourishing congregations/parishes in Canada, develop tools and resources to help congregations/parishes to flourish, and share our research findings with congregations/parishes that wish to flourish.

How long will the survey take?

Approximately 20 minutes.

Do I need to complete the survey in one sitting?


Can I skip ahead to see the next question?

Yes, there are “back” and “next” buttons where you can go back and forth between pages

Will anyone be able to link my responses to me?


Is my information confidential?

All data will be securely stored and kept confidential

How will this research be used?

This research will be used to further collaborate with congregations/parishes around common interests – to see congregations/parishes, neighbourhoods, and Canadians flourish. Toward this end, we will publish and present in academic as well as church/denominational settings, plus develop tools and resources that would help congregations/parishes to flourish.

Can I access data from this project?

Our findings and analyses will be made available on our website. Plus, for congregations who wish to have access to the data specific to their congregation, this will be made available (with strong survey involvement from those in your congregation/parish… we hope for 50% or more of your adult attenders to fill out the survey).

Note: no one will have access to individual responses; there will be no way of linking responses with individuals.

Flourishing Congregations Survey – FAQ

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