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Flourishing Update - December 7, 2023

In celebration of the Advent season, we would like to share some of your favourite videos from our YouTube channel that may be meaningful to you during this time. Please enjoy and feel free to share with others.


From the Flourishing Congregations Institute, we wish you a Merry Christmas!

A Path to Resilience

Barb Stanley (Major), The Salvation Army

Check out this short 5-minute video as part of our video series on clergy well-being and resilience.


Recommended Resource

Healing the Purpose of Your Life

Dennis Linn, Sheila Fabricant Linn, and Matthew Linn


What makes you special? In this intriguing book, the best-selling Linns help readers discover what makes each of us special, the one purpose of each individual's life underlying all decisions and activities, the "sealed orders" from God that go beyond what we do, to who we really are. This special purpose of being is ours alone; it is what gives our life meaning.

Combining spirituality, psychology, and medicine, as well as their own intimate stories, the Linns provide concrete ways to help readers discover their own purpose through their experiences of love, their life circumstances, their inherent faults, other people, and nature.


Please Join Us!

We are excited to invite you to "The Stories We Tell" event featuring four new case studies, taking place at Tyndale University and online. This event is in partnership with the Tyndale Intercultural Ministries Centre. Bring a friend, share with others in your church and denominational network, and register today.


We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, January 13, 2024 from 10 - 11:30 am Eastern time.


Survey Opportunity

You are invited to participate in a research project entitled:

Hosted by Dr. Margaret Clarke, Assistant Professor, Briercrest Seminary and Dr. Marcus N. Tanner, Faculty, Abilene Christian University

The goal in the study is to understand more about the ministry experiences that clergy and spouses find adverse and traumatic and what the trajectory of recovery of such experiences is like. The study will be mixed methods beginning with a survey of US and Canadian clergy and spouses, followed by some interviews for more in-depth exploration. The survey has undergone ethics review and received approval from both educational institutions, and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. For more information, visit the Clergy Resource Group.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to partner to expand the knowledge related to clergy and clergy spouse wellbeing.


Upcoming Events

Giving Generously: Developing a Culture of Stewardship

December 12, 2023 | 1:00 pm Eastern

Virtual | Free

Parishes want to develop a culture of giving and stewardship, however, conversations about money and tithing can be uncomfortable. How can these delicate topics be used to share a mission and vision? Parishes need financial giving to be fruitful for ministry, but leaders struggle to communicate why it's important for the spiritual life of the disciple.

Join Divine Renovation for December's From the Trenches event, where they will offer support in having these mission-critical conversations about giving in your parish.


Advance Evangelists Summit

February 20-22, 2024

Calgary, AB | $25 (Pre-Conference), $125-$175 (Conference)

Bring your team and friends who have a heart for making Jesus known. Leaders and evangelists from across Canada will gather to fan the flames of evangelism. If you want to cultivate a culture of evangelism in your congregation, don't miss this Summit.


This special time of encouragement and equipping under the theme of “Fan the Flame” will launch the Advance Canadian Evangelists Network as an expression of the Global Network of Evangelists.


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